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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

The writers really solved a lot of the show's problems this week! That is, if the problems were that we just didn't have enough chicks that Miles has banged show up, and that Monroe wasn't a cartoony enough villain...

Very clever, since they completely abandoned Charlie as a main character, that they snuck in the teenage love triangle flashbacks to hit that demo hard.

Monroe's plot... is to round up the entire town he grew up in... and burn everyone to death? Really? They need to set up a simple test for their scripts... anytime they have Monroe do anything they need to ask themselves... "Was Hitler evil enough to do this?" I mean, I really don't think so. And it doesn't get much worse than Hitler. They need to tone Monroe down to Hitler levels.

And boy oh boy, can you blame Miles for not wanting to take that shot? I don't see how! It's not like he was 20 feet away with an assault rifle + ACOG scope while Monroe was exposing oh.... 90 percent of his body after failing Saddam Hussein's Human Shield 101 course in community college.... I like how like how the Georgian asshole (The jerk store just called and told me they were running out of him) shot the girl once, and when she fell to the ground exposing General Monroe completely nobody bothered with a follow-up shot. Or for that matter nobody on the Monroe end returned fire in a timely fashion. Ugh...

It's like they challenge themselves to make these scenes play out as silly as humanly possible.

And how about the awesome b-plot with fat google seeing his old trophy wife? That first time, man he almost had her! Unfortunately right when he was looking straight at her he had a flashback and he lost track of her. Damn you flashback! Luckily for him, the Bounty Hunter decided to take her out for beers at the bar and he eventually caught up with them. Close one.

It did end on a minor bright note with Giancarlo Esposito giving us the ol' Gustavo smirk at least.
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