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Re: Starship Century event

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(say, the Confederated States of Greater Saturn).
I imagine they will have a flag resembling the U.S. Civil War Confederacy's battle flag
Why? To draw allusions to a backwards little shit-kicker country that existed for four years and only came to exist in the first place because its aristocratic ownership class didn't want to give up their slaves? I think not.
But they could genetically engineer a class of servants, either adding human genes to apes and chimps or working backwards from humans to create people with abbreviated childhoods and sudden decrepitude to save on education and elderly medical costs. We could also add greater radiation tolerance, strength, simple problem-solving intelligence, and other traits that would be useful in space. The early ones would probably be corporate owned and licensed because of intellectual property rights and development costs, but reverse engineering the early models would be simple, so most people would probably opt for knockoffs distributed under the GNU freeware template.

Most normal humans wouldn't volunteer to spend a century on a starship with no hope of ever seeing the destination, and it would be immoral to force them to make such a journey, but a new servile subspecies created for such a mission doesn't raise any such issues. We could even add tree-sloth DNA so they don't mind just hanging around the engine room waiting decades for something that needs fixing, and have maintenance and emergency procedures passed along as mindless religious rituals. Once the ship arrives at the new star, they would awake their sleeping masters or raise normal human babies transported as fertilized eggs stored in liquid nitrogen, and the process of settlement could begin.

We have a bright future ahead of us.
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