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Re: So it's come to this-a petition to bring Star Trek back to TV...

Of those ideas, here are my thoughts:
- Yawn. They've been overused to the point where I no longer care about Klingon honour, etc. Leave them be.

- Meh. I would like to see more done with the Romulans, but a whole series dedicated to them would be somewhat excessive.

- Boring. Each episode they go to a planet to assimilate, fight off a fleet and take the world, then move on to the next. Plus they were so diluted by VOY they aren't much of a threat anymore.

[Enter Smilie for Intel] - I have no interest to watch Trek spies, or anything about S31 in any future series (it worked in very small doses in DS9, but that was their thing).

I want a series that focuses on the characters, not the evil alien of the week, and none of those ideas does a thing for me. If it was a petition to show interest in getting Trek back on TV I might sign, but looking at it, to me, it looks like signing it means you want those ideas brought to the screen.

No thanks.
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