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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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Regina came off as not just evil, but either insane or a bit stupid in this one-- thinking that the people will love her despite her mass murders, just as soon as Snow is dead.

The magic-nullifier is an interesting twist. I can't wait to see how they pulled that off. Or what they're real goal is.
Don't really like the idea of a scientific magic-nullifier. It kind of means magic stops being unknown if you have a scientific way to block it.

It's kind of like giving magic the midichlorian "force" treatment.
I did kind of like how it tied back to Rumplestiltskin's bet with Dr. Whale/Frankenstein over whether magic or science was more powerful, earlier this season. Makes that bit a nice piece of foreshadowing. I wonder if Whale will play a role in countering the advanced science of Tamara and Owen.
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