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Re: Saturn V Engine Refurbishment

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I'd also name the SLS after either Demeter or Circe, who both have some associations with pork.
You owe me a new keyboard and a fresh cup of coffee.

Seriously, though, I think NASA is just going to leave it as "SLS". They have always had a sort of fetishistic obsession with acronyms over the years, but it's gotten so bad over the years that they have actually started coming up with acronyms for things that are supposed to have proper names. I've actually heard some NASA officials referring to the Columbus laboratory "the CSL." I've also been informed that some acronyms actually contain other acronyms (The "PICA Principle" for example stands for "Pre Integrated Columbus APM" where "APM" stands for "Attached pressurized module.")

Basically, never EVER underestimate NASA's lack of imagination.
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