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Re: Spock on Carol Burnett

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^Well, just because that kinescope footage is in B&W doesn't mean the original broadcast wasn't in color. I mean, if you were watching a color broadcast on a black & white set, you'd see it in black & white. And there is precedent for kinescopes of color shows being made on B&W film -- for instance, some of the color Doctor Who episodes were made available overseas in B&W form, so that some of the recovered "lost episodes" from the Third Doctor era were only available in B&W even though the originals were in color.
Agreed. The big three networks went to color in 1966, so there shouldn't have been any b&w season of Carol Burnett, as broadcast. Somebody just made a b&w kinescope of the broadcast. The network's original color videotapes of that first season might have been wiped for the same reasons of economy that led NBC to wipe the early episodes of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Even Super Bowl 1 wasn't saved.
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