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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

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Thank you for the welcome,

I have the following props from "Enterprise":
"Minefield" part of the mine that Archer works on
"Carpenter Street" Biogenic Weapon Container
Trellium D Synthisizer from "Damage," "Rajiin" and a couple of more episodes
The redundant memory core from the sphere in a couple of later 3rd season episodes
A data interface from the sickbay
A flight deck panel from the pilot episode
The lanterns from the second episode "Strange New World" and a couple of other episodes
Some medical containers from sickbay
A data module

I think that's it (but there might be one or two more that I am forgetting)
wow what a collection.
welcome to all .

it has been a while since i have been around and thought would drop in and intro myself to all the new fans (fen).

i am in my fifities so i saw some of tos first run (we didnt get the first season in our town) and loved it .
i watched all the series but i really like enterprise. it is almost like the underdog for trek series. yeah it had some dog episodes but it also had some great stuff.
and like tos the characters were not perfect though they strived to be better. and while the enterprise vulcans were worse at it the tos ones had their snobby non perfect moments.

check out journey to babel where sarek objected to spock being in starfleet because they might have to use violence while he himself admited he knew how to kill with his hands and spock admitted his father would kill if he had a logical reason..

cough cough..
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