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Re: Intro to the next generation ideas....

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Or maybe it's confused me already, since you seem to be asking about DS9 but say she's already seen it.
Look at the timestamps between my two posts... I literally put Season 1 Disc 1 in the DVD player and we sat down and watched it between those two posts I made.

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Season 5 Disaster. An exciting bottle episode, featuring the entire ensemble. Some comedy, some conflict. Something that would be really easy to watch. Perhaps Time's Arrow, from the same season. Another ensemble episode, with an engaging plot. The Next Phase. A rather innocuous episode, but with an interesting plot, and the characters really shine. Timescape is a good choice for that same reason
Good stuff Mojochi, I've always really liked Timescape.

I wish the OP would chime in and let us know what happened/what he thinks.
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