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Re: You know what I wish we saw in Star Trek 2009?

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Sturges is quite a choice; he'd bring something, to be sure. But given the ADD times in which we live, they'd wind up having Baird or one of his acolytes overcut the thing and destroy the natural tempos of the director.
If you're going to insult us lowly plebs, at least be knowledgeable enough to know that it's no longer known as "ADD" but "ADHD-I." Hasn't been called that since 1994.
I don't think it was really meant as an insult aimed at anyone here or at anyone in particular—the pacing of the average movie of today does tend to be more brisk than was typical of the films of Sturges' time, after all— but I'm sure the interest in nomenclatural accuracy will not go unappreciated.
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