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Re: Shad Shrink-wrapping Shenanigans.

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^ I think the 'customer' was intending to get a bunch of worthless crap into a box, which she could then have shrink-wrapped and then try to sell to marks, passing it off as the real thing. The victim doesn't know it's a scam until they open the box, at which point it's too late.
Exactly. My guess is they put discs inside so that if the intended buyer shakes the case it'll sound like there is a disc in there. What I don't understand is the act of putting an older version of the game in there, but the point is that they're selling something that isn't what the case advertises.

I came in today and the box was gone, so it's likely these people came in during the night (my store operates 24 hours a day) and picked them up. Doesn't seem like my manager did anything related to the authorities but did give me an "atta boy". We just know not to agree to serve those people going forward.
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