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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

More thoughts on this weeks episode:

The "previously on mad men" sequence had yet another "Don's going to die" foreshadowing moment when they played back the clip of his son saying that, when he's 40, Don will be dead.

Cool. Harry Hamlin.

Peggy's boss so has the hots for her. He may be middle-aged and married but he's probably still an improvement on her dirty hippie loser boyfriend.

Pete is a horrible little weasel but I strangely enough identified with him in that scene where he was on the phone with Trudy. Not because he's a cheating bastard but because you could feel some confusion and pain and even remorse when he realized he had done something incredibly stupid and now he was paying a price and would probably be paying that price for the rest of his life. Pete is the exemplar of what Don Draper's life would really be like for most people.

And again as I mentioned earlier in another thread as much of a creep as Pete is, for some reason he's the most progressive white character on the show when it comes to civil rights issues.

Joan awkwardly trying to hug dons secretary and her reaction was terribly funny in a horrible way.

Oh, the crazy insurance guy is Ethan from "lost". I knew he looked familiar.

God Betty is a bitch. And sadly Sally is turning into her.

Whoa planet of the apes spoiler alert!

By 1960s standards and putting aside his cheating ways And the divorce, Don is actually a pretty decent father to his son. The drinking isn't cool but taking an upset kid to the movies really isn't that bad of a thing. I thought his speech about fatherhood was one of the most genuine things we've ever seen come out of Don Draper.

And when his son is more worried about Henry then Don was a real punched in the gut

Oh and Hamm standing out on the balcony looking down on the city with the sirens..he must be the next Batman
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