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Re: (Possible Spoiler) Clip#3 'I Allow It': Kirk and Harrison.

Watching this clip, I felt Pine's seething rage towards Cumberbatch. It jumped off the screen at me..his tone actually caught my attention as I was not looking at the screen when he confronted Harrison.

I have seen Pine in other roles/movies and must say I have never seen him do the seething rage thing before.

For me the scene worked. Everyone has different tastes, which is fine, but the comment on his being crossed eyed is a low blow. He is not perfect..has flaws just like everyone else and honestly I just think it is a bit on the rude side to mention his or anyone else's perceived physical flaws.

Star Trek is about acceptance of matter their appearance. When I come on here to read through the comments posted about the various topics on the board with regards to the new movie (or anything Trek for that matter), I don't expect to see one or two sentence posts criticizing Pine's or anyone else's physical appearance .
Before Before you say it, I'm not being overly sensitive, but I do find it somewhat ironic that there are many people that come on here to rant and rave over how J.J. Abrams ruined Trek, yet they say nothing when one of Trek's main messages is trampled.

Can anyone say IDIC...
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