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I realize that many fans assume that McGann's Doctor fought the Time War, but that has only ever been an assumption. The television series itself is agnostic on the point.
Well exactly, there's nothing to prevent it being him.
Well, no, there's nothing to prevent McGann from being the Time War Doctor, and indeed tie-in material such as IDW's The Forgotten comic series and BBC's TARDIS handbook say McGann was the Time War Doctor.

But if Moffat wants to say it was actually another Doctor, than that's not really insulting to McGann. Hell, RTD always said he intended the Time War to have been fought by the Ninth Doctor. If it's true that Hurt is the Time War Doctor and that his role was originally meant to be Eccleston, than it would mean that Moffat intended to follow through with that.

Why do I get the feeling this special is going to generate a lot of canon vs fanon debates?
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