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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I remember Jan forcing Simon through a fashion montage at one point in the 90s... or the Impossible Man's scavenger hunt to capture al her old costumes in a New Mutants Annual.

(I am so slow)

Secret Wars is when Janet had her affair with Magneto.

Blink skew blink... She's Havok's mother in law almost.

Didn't they refer to Rogue as one of Magneto's "floozies" in Uncanny Avengers last week?

Maybe because he's an old guy, and old guys always have a couple bottles of prescription meds on their person, that's why Janet hooked up with a 60 year old?

(No, he'd been turned into a child, raised by Moiria MacTaggart as her son, and then grown back into a 40ish year adult by that point, so she wasn't stealng from the grave completely.)

Who was the next person on her list of would be dealers?

Doctor Doom?

He is after all a Doctor.
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