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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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The existing history indicates that they are not expansionist and in all the series, a couple of passing reference none speaking of war with the Federation or attempt conquer the Milky Way. That would indicate the original plot of Arena rang true and they were territorial xenophobes, not galactic conquering expansionist. They weren't hate bent creatures seeking and destroying, merely protecting the space they thought their own.
So every Gorn is exactly the same? Face it, the Gorn had to be redesigned for modern audiences. It was going to happen at some point. Much like the Klingons were re-envisioned.
There's a difference between "redesigning the look" and "rethinking their motivations". I'm fine with the former. The latter requires some mental gymnastics, so I'm not delighted about it - but I understand why they did it.

That said, there's the potential for an interesting tale in the comics of the crew running into the "local" Gorn after their extragalactic misadventure.
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