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Re: If TNG/DS9/VOY were never made, would you have watched TOS?

Melakon wrote: View Post
But to put that in perspective, I'm usually able to watch the really really old stuff like Fritz Lang's original, black and white, silent film Metropolis, or Buster Crabbe's old Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers serials and accept them as visions of the future in the context of their times.
Well, Metropolis is a master piece and when I watched the newly restored 2010 version for the first time it suddenly struck me as quite relevant even after all those years and despite some of the simplicist story elements. (Then again, silent films were usually hampered in that way - there's a limit to the level of complexity one can practically convey without dialogue.)

That said, I don't think of TOS as cheesy, either.

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post
I love Metropolis! It's one of my favorite silent films. It's a shame that so many people haven't seen it, simply because of its age. I also love A Trip to the Moon. It always cracks me up to see guys in top hats and tailcoats walking around on the moon. People sure had strange ideas about space travel in the 1900s.
Have you seen Woman in the Moon? It's a silent film by Lang about a trip to the moon. It 's an odd mix of being right on the money and outlandish ideas. Some rocket scientists were advisers for the movie, among them Hermann Oberth, who has a starship and a starship class named after him in the Trekverse.
Now with a theme tune.
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