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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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I never said it -should- continue, you're putting words in my mouth there, please don't. I'd say it -is- continuing, courtesy of the Cardassians. Heck, they bombed an entire Federation colony in Ensign Ro. The Cardassians repeatedly demonstrated an opportunistic behavior regarding the Federation, attacking their colonies, their starships and outposts whenever tactically convenient. So "hundreds or thousands" of casualties were already happening.

As for little being implied in TNG? Well being it ended in season 2 of DS9, you can't expect them to have covered the Dominion arc. When I said they instigated the largest war in Federation history a few years -later- I wasn't talking about the past conflict, but the Dominion one. Again, the Cardassians broke the treaty when convenient. Great peace treaty eh? It's historical fact you have to have both parties interested in peace for it to work. Not just one.
First, being at war doesn't mean you actually fight and the treaty with the Cardassians wasn't a peace treaty. When you are at peace you do not need demilitarized zones.
So, to be more precise, what I actually meant was that you advocate that the Federation remains at war in the sense of not signing anything more than a mere ceasefire agreement. Situations remain tense, fleets remain ready and so on. If I am wrong again please correct me or clearly state what you advocate the Federation to do. I outed myself as a pussy peacenik long ago.

Second, of course you have to judge the trustworthiness of your opponent. But back then Dominion War was a future event and what matters are the corpses from the previous war. The Feds made good experiences with the Romulans, guys who are not trustworthy either, and the neutral zone so the idea of a DMZ with the Cardassians seemed good.
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