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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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Is knowing what is established and having some consistency to much to ask for a 60 dollar game that had dated visuals and mechanics?
Did it affect the 'fun factor' of the game? Is the game a bad game because the Gorn don't fit with some people's assumptions about them? For me the answer to both of those questions is no.

Can you point out anything at all from canon material (TV/movies) that would rule out an extra-galactic origin for the Gorn species?
It did for me. I expected so see the Gorn that were part of canon because they made a point of saying that this was just as much canon as the movie.

The existing history indicates that they are not expansionist and in all the series, a couple of passing reference none speaking of war with the Federation or attempt conquer the Milky Way. That would indicate the original plot of Arena rang true and they were territorial xenophobes, not galactic conquering expansionist. They weren't hate bent creatures seeking and destroying, merely protecting the space they thought their own.

I shouldn't have to go through a series of hoops to buy in this is the Gorn that has been part of the Trekverse by postulating that well these Gorn are different, physically and culturally so furthermore the ones already seen resembled the "Gorn Champion" species so that to make this game work continuity wise somehow they escaped their own galaxy to the Milky Was so long ago that their existing canon culture has evolved from galactic conquest to xenophobia. Also, their type must have been the only ones to come long ago because now they are the commanders. Big stretch. And somehow the fact Gorn were already known to exist by name if never encountered because the Orions knew about them as Harad-Sar in ENT made reference to them by name to Capt Archer and command crew, all of which happened prior to the Kelvin/Nero incident so would be known. Starfleet, Vulcans, are idiots because somehow magically they forgot this species existed in the Alpha Quadrant so somehow were discovering a new species and culture. Bigger Stretch.

The majority of reviews about the Gorn in game reviews have been negative which is sad because they had to change what was one of the most popular species seen on Trek and make half the people playing this game not like them. Even sadder that most people that loved the Gorn will enjoy the Gorn in the game commercial with Shatner more than the Gorn in this game.
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