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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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I hated Wasp hitting on Havok last issue. Uncanny is just not an entertaining read right now.
She flirts with everyone.

The original Avengers were her on personal meat factory, but only Tony Stark was a #### enough to actually go on a date with her.

Has anyone ever asked about the Wasp and Cocaine or heroin?


Jan gets home from a hards days work of Ultron trying to mate with her, to unwind with her model friends night clubbing.

The Wasp miniseries I want to see is a classic era Wasp set during the first Secret War and she's trying to figure out how to ration her remaining smack, until she finally starts into withdrawls... Like Charlie from the first couple episodes of Lost.

Cocaine would definitely explain the worst examples of her personality.

Last Month's Hawkeye.

Mocking Bird, Spider-Woman and Black Widow were all wearing civilian street wear based on their super hero costumes which is what Jan said that she wanted to do as a new line from her label to Alex while he thought he was in.

Was that issue set in the future, or does Janet turn Superhero costumes into her personal art projects all the time?
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