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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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If they could please include Masao Okazaki's timeline as well (The Starfleet Museum), it is excellent. I especially like his take on the Romulan War, vastly superior to the novel-verse version.
Thanks for the kind words, T'Girl.

After getting the first black and white edition of the Star Trek Chronology back in 1993 I started designing ships for time periods not established on screen. As long as I played in the wide lacunae between on-screen events and references, I was free to make up a timeline that I felt made sense from a technological point of view. I figured that warp flight could be achieved in various ways and was not tied to the development of the matter/antimatter reactor. A big part of the fun of historical fiction is playing with the differences between the present and the past, not just name-checking similarities. In contrast, those poor bastards having to write in a post-Enterprise/post-Voyager environment are locked into a pre-TOS "past" that is technologically very similar to the "present." That's like giving guns and cars to hobbits. What fun is that?
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