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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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Maybe that's why I like her so much, she's just an ordinary person this time, or acts ordinary, every companion has had some kind of god like complex, I just want an ordinary person stuff happens to around her and she reacts to it for a change, that's what I'm getting with Clara finally. Sometimes you just need normalcy.

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I like that she doesn't listen and I like her suspicion of the Doctor.
Yeah I think that might my favorite aspect of her character right now. She's obviously enchanted by this new world she finds herself in, but the Doctor himself she's not so sure about. And it's not just a superficial kind of doubt like Donna or other companions tend to have early on.

Unlike the others, Clara actually seems to regard him as the strange and mysterious alien he is.

And I know people feel the reset erased all the progress made with her character, but for me, after seeing her go through such a wild, complex range of emotions in this episode, she still comes across in the end feeling MUCH more interesting and complex and sharply defined than before.

So it doesn't feel like a waste to me at all.

I'm agreeing with a lot of this. I like that she doesn't seem so clingy about it, this adventure has been thrilling but doesn't seem to have subsumed her existence.
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