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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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And you just want millions of Federation citizens die in a second war with the Cardassians. Can we stop the hyperbole and emotional bullshitting and get back to the core of the issue?

I never claimed that the Maquis are nasty bastards or whatever. My argument was that they should do a little bit of violence, Intifada style, to get the attention of their central government. Then they should lay down their weapons and try to lobby hard for better monitoring of the DMZ.
That's a path towards peace. Care to point out how fighting with the Cardassians AND the Federation achieves anything? As I already pointed out, the violence of the Maquis gave the Cardassians an excuse to maintain a military presence in the DMZ and ship even more weapons to the colonies (you can use your ships as cover and as transport vessels). They weren't just a bunch of colonists who defended their colonies from local bullies, they had spaceships and led a guerrilla war.

I don't have problems with political violence. Gee, I defended the Jacobins in this very thread! But you always gotta analyze the specific situation and check out whether violence and what kind of violence (in this case few weeks or months of Maquis action until Federation newspapers report about the problems in the DMZ) helps you to achieve your goal.

If I may end this with a personal note, my grandaunt is the only one who of this generation who ever liked to talk about WWII. When the French troops came after the war some guys of the Légion étrangère misbehaved and started to rape women in the village. The people in the village sent somebody to report to a higher ranked officer in a nearby town to sort out this issue. Of course they could have also picked up weapons and used them against the rapists but I doubt that the outcome would have been good. So much about Maquis style solutions.

they could have tried that track with the Federation I suppose, but the TNG-era Federation tended to bend over backward to avoid any conflict, so I don't think they would have gone for tighter monitoring or a more assertive approach toward the Cardassians.
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