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Re: Saturn V Engine Refurbishment

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You think they'd be looking at the RD-170 instead of the F-1. The RD-170 has much better performance (an ISP of 311 seconds at sea level instead of the F-1's 265 seconds).
We have the plans to RD-180, the two-nozzle version half stength version used by Atlas V, but I think they were worried about burn throughs early on in the X-170

Glushko loved hypergolics. His largest single chanber engine was RD-270, which the Chinese should have bought--but they didn't like the toxicity.

Ironically the RD-0120 hydrogen burning engine was developed without big problems. It had channel wall cooling. I'd rather keep the F-1 but use RD-0120 instead of RS-25 SSME whatever.

With any luck we will see this fly
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