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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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There's a lot of comparison to the 7 of 9 situation. In my opinion the same principle applies both times, and that's why the decision is correct both times:
7 of 9 was born Annika Hanssen, a normal, intact human being. She was assimilated against her will and her entire being subsumed and twisted. Seperating her from the Borg collective is merely restoring her to her natural state. What happened to her should never have happened in the first place. Exactly the same goes for Tuvok and Neelix - seperating them out again restores them to their previous natural state, nothing else. In fact it could be argued that letting the "merged" creature continue to exist, that would in effect have ended the life of two distinct individuals. I still don't see how that could even have been considered.
To restore Anika Hansen would have meant bringing the 7 year old girl out again from the other side of all that Borg Horror. Deleting all those horrible experiences, deleting the thousands of other personalities whispering math and secrets into her ear, deleting the repositiory of the Collectives general knowledge, as well as forever and completely silencing her hidden experiences of growing up in the garden of Unimatrix Zero.

That creature Janeway decided to raise as a daughter was not a human beng at all but a patchwork quilt remnant of the Borg Collective.

Would Seven Year old Anika have wanted to live her own life, or would she have been hunky dorey to have been a Borg slave for the next 20 years, if she had an option? If they wound back the clock in her mind to the the preBorg seven year old version... It would have been easy to also give Anika the body of a seven year old to match her intellect rather than leaving a childs mind in the frame of a 28 year old sex goddess and waiting for Kim to hit on her.

(Like in those episodes of Arrested Development where Michael didn't notice that Charlize Theron was retarded because she was so attractive and spoke in an english accent.)
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