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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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I like the execution of the diagonal lift in this project, but I am not totally sold on the idea over all.
Believe me, I understand how you are feeling.

I consider myself having been indoctrinated with the idea of vertical and horizontal shafts exclusively. However, I found the diagonal shaft to be the only way to rationalize various nonstop "vertical" rides to the bridge from locations that are not near the vertical shaft.

Upon closer examination I found the schematic of the ship from the Bridge in color to be most revealing: Are these red vertical lines turbo shafts or instead control and/or power lines?
  • If these are turbo shafts, then the Bridge has to be a turbo lift depot according to the top view
  • The one in the dorsal neck is compatible with the intermix chamber extension to the saucer of the TMP Enterprise (what was Andrew Probert thinking? )
  • Doesn't it seem extremely odd that the two turbo shafts in the nacelle pylons that have never been used or mentioned in TOS (and probably are hardly to never in actual use) are highlighted in the schematic? Wouldn't other turbo shafts aboard the ship better qualify to be highlighted?
  • And is it merely coincidence that these three vertical lines connect to the established control centers of the ship (where I and some others assume these to be), i.e. Bridge, Auxiliary Control (bow of engineering hull) and the Emergency Manual Monitor in the Warp Engine Room?
If these are control and/or power lines, one could wonder why even have the vertical bridge turbo shaft that was never seen in TOS...except for a little extension behind the Bridge.

To have one or several horizontal turbo shafts on Deck 6 in the saucer would do the job of optimal saucer-wide turbo lift distribution and to go there by taking a diagonal ride would just require a minimal detour starting at the Bridge.

Admittedly, the "sum" of both turbo shafts in my first cutaway draft looks like crap. But then, I'm probably thinking too two-dimensional as the first deck plan draft of Deck 5 reveals that the amount of space both take up in the top view is rather negligible.

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