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Re: Caroline Skinner Has Quit!

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It's probably unlikely Hurt will be the "real" Ninth Doctor purely for pragmatic reasons - it would instantly render all Ninth Doctor merchandise incorrectly labelled. In this case, even if Moffat wanted to do it, the Brand would prevent him from doing so.
Is there much of that anymore?

If I was Mr Character Options I'd be drooling at the thought of getting to repackage my old stock and resell it to obsessive collectors.
They list the years though.
so 1st Doctor 1963-1966
8th Doctor 1996
9th Doctor 2013
10th Doctor 2005

Doesn't really work.

There's enough 10th Doctor and especially this year 11 Doctors merchandise this year.

Not to mention various flashback sequences - even if the Doctor forgot a life its the one we're sure the Daleks would know.

And the other thing is, even if it was to get at Chris, it would be a greater insult to Paul creating a new Time War Doctor.
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