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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Peter David on ending his run on X-Factor. Happily, his health wasn't an issue as he says that his story had reached it's natural conclusion. He also says that he has a new Marvel project in the works.
Well, it sucks to see it go (its easily Marvel's best book, and trhats coming from a Marvel fan) but hopefully whatever he's up to next will be cool. The worst thing is that a lot of these characters that I really like will probably just go to comic book limbo. Maybe Polaris and Maddrox will get small roles in the X-Books, like maybe Polaris will go to the Jean Grey school, but I can easily see M, Layla, Longshot, shatterstar, Rictor, Wolfsbane, etc. just dissappear for a long time.
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