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Armin Shimerman gives the character a substance that makes him real. He has his serious moments, he has his deeply felt emotions - occasionally even about things other than latinum - he even has the odd attack of uncharacteristic valour and I can buy them all.
Agreed. I just watched "Call to Arms" last night, and there's a nice little scene in it that for some reason I didn't remember. All the Bajorans have evacuated DS9, but Rom stays behind, even though he could have left with Leeta, because "brothers should stick together". Quark calls him an idiot and kisses him on the head, and it was just such a Quark thing to do. He pretends that he doesn't care about anyone, but it still shows in subtle ways. And it's always believable, because Shimerman portrays him so effortlessly.

I know Quark annoys a lot of Trek fans, but to me, he's one of the best parts of DS9.
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