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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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It starts about the 71:20 minute mark, and what he actually said was that they told him that "it was "canon" until somebody films something that says it not". Listening to what he says afterwards I'm kind of wondering if Goodman even is aware what canon actually is, since if you use his requirements (published/licensed by the producer of Star Trek (CBS) and not contradicting on-screen stuff) almost every novel is canon.
I was kinda shocked to discover how little Al Rivera (the lead designer of the Star Trek Online videogame) understands canon, when it was discussed in this podcast I linked to here some time ago. He had no idea whatsoever, thinking the Titan novels and Countdown comic were canon but Destiny and the stuff about Janeway dying wasn't. I was listening and thinking, "For gods' sake man, Google it!"
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