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Re: New Hot Wheels Enterprise!

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If you find one, it's more a case of dumb luck (being at the right place at the right time). There aren't very many of these Enterprises in a standard Hot Wheels case and sometimes someone (if not an employee at the store) will snatch them all up first and then resell them on eBay for several times their worth.

As for the bigger Hot Wheels ships, they should have been out already, IMO. Most movie toys are released at least a month before the movie, but these have been conspicuously absent.
Yeah, I've been on the lookout for the Hotwheels ships myself, combed the city this last Saturday for about 3 hours, 3 Walmarts, a Toys R Us, and 2 Targets, Came up empty handed, I would've snagged one of the little enterprises just to have something to show for it. I will be grabbing up any new sculpt's as I see them...I am really wanting the Kelvin! I've even dug around online, nothing on the big box retailers, big bad toy store, or entertainment earth! I see the Kreo's were released today, I may snag the "Spock's Volcano Jump" set (comes with a shuttle that lights up for 15 bucks!) just to see if the line looks cool, I've always wanted a lego enterprise set, and I missed the old megablok's enterprise-d set ten years ago, so this might be my last shot.
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