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Re: New Hot Wheels Enterprise!

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Guess if I want one, I'll have to order one online. How quaint.
I tried to get one from the Hot Wheels site. When I do a search for "Star Trek" or "Enterprise" they return no results.
On Amazon, under "Toys and Games," I just searched with the words, Hot Wheels hw imagination Star Trek. There are three hits, and six left among the three hits. What would be 97 cents if it could be found in the toy section of a retail store like Wal-Mart is $9.95 to $11.99 on the three websites Amazon takes you to. Sometimes the free market sucks.
Yeah, I've seen those. I refuse to pay ten bucks and shipping for a ninety-seven cent Hot Wheel. I can pay ten bucks and shipping for the Playmates version of the Enterprise.
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