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Re: What if the new Star Trek had been about Pike?

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I'll admit, I don't care for the direction Star Trek has gone, under Abrams. But I wonder if given the choice, would current Star Trek fans have preferred this to be Pike's story and not a re-imagined Kirk story? We only get to see a worn Pike in the first pilot. Kind of like Kirk in TWOK. It would interesting to see Pike's early days commanding Enterprise.
Actually, I'd have liked to have seen Kirk's early days commanding the Enteprise, reimagined or not (which is what we're essentially getting).

If Abrams had decided to reboot Trek with Pike, Spock, Number One, Boyce, Tyler, Colt and that crew, I think folks would've raised holy hell. It would've been a WTF moment. Abrams made the logical choice (a bold and confident one, too), and has apparently made it work beyond anyone's wildest expectations.
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