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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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Watch a soap opera
I do. It's called Doctor Who. Be it wrapped in a TARDIS, a Battlestar, a starship... it's still soap opera when it comes down to it.

Oh, you meant soap opera in a derisive term? That it's cheap, and poorly acted, with arch characters... so, you mean classic Doctor Who?

Sci Fi fans don't want to admit it, but their shows are/can be just as soapy as Dallas or Scandal. Sci Fi fans want to think they are above the fray... But, no. They want their reversals, their surprises, their hot chicks, their twists, the hero with snappy one liners.

When it works, we don't care that it's soap opera, because we are engaged. It's when it feels cheap, then we sneer at something calling it soap opera.
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