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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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One of the signs of great fantasy or fiction, especially in a uniquely created setting, lets use Middle Earth, is that their is great continuity and consistency. It allows and enhances immersion and suspension of belief. Isn't great fiction, especially fantasy/sci-fi suppose to get you to suspend reality so for the reading or movie you can fully immerse yourself in the experience? When a creator ventures into an already established world and deals with an established element, is it to much to ask for consistency so the buy in is easy?
What about the enjoyment from seeing different interpretations of a fictional universe? Is Man of Steel going to be lesser because it ignores the old Superman movies, or the Smallville TV series? What about Sherlock, Elementry and the recent Sherlock Holmes movies? They're all "what if" versions of the originals and all in their own continuities. Yes, the movie writers claimed Star Trek is a branching timeline beginning in 2233 and the game writers just decided to treat it as a full-on reboot and it's kind of sucky that they can't seem to really make their minds up either way, but IMO even when it fails as another timeline in the Trek multiverse (which is still how I prefer to see it), it still works as a fun standalone reboot of The Original Series.
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