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Re: Why didn't the Federation salvage Empok Nor?

This would make plenty of sense. Which is why sort of prefer the idea that Terok Nor was not built in situ (a concept giving it a tad too much "uniqueness") but rather manufactured in a centralized facility of some sort and then towed in place...

The DS9 Tech Manual description of the form of Terok Nor being true to function would have to be largely ignored, then - the pylons would not exist in order to allow for efficient flow of ore from top to bottom or whatever, because clearly this is not the function they serve on Empok Nor. Then again, the DS9 TM also claims that the shape of the station is an architectural choice, with style perhaps being more important than function after all - the station is said to resemble the buildings of the famous architect Tavor Kell.

Timo Saloniemi
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