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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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I already made my point, peace treaty plus decent monitoring do the trick whereas attacking the Feds or the Cardassians doesn't. Fighting against the bullies on the schoolyard is heroic but if it doesn't end their nastiness it is pointless in the long-run.

A peace treaty the Cardassians were doing their best to break from day one. The Federation refused to force Cardassia to uphold it all "in the name of peace." The agreement reached by Sisko and Dukat in the Maquis was each side reigns in it's people. The Cardassians never did that.

To take your "schoolyard" metaphor a step further. So the Cardassian bully is beating up the Maquis kid and taking his lunch money. So he cries and cries to the Federation teacher. Who does nothing about it. Heck sometimes the teacher is actively holding the Maquis kid down while the Cardassian bully takes the lunch money. So yeah... they chose to fight.

And as innocent sounding as taking lunch money sounds, it's more along the lines of destruction of property, rape, and murder.
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