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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

Professor Zoom wrote: View Post
It wasn't cynical. It was about having a new approach to an old show. Something modern audience might be interested in. A modern audience outside of the small fanboy set.
It was aimed at a wider range of audiences than ever before. I don't know a single great show that aims at that wide a range of audiences. It made an extremely strong foundation for the re-started biznezz instead of a better show.

You could think RTD just wanted to make a fun show for all that he personally likes too. Or you could think he wanted infinite viewers for more cynical reasons.

It wouldn't seem so shady if not for the aggressive in-show marketing seemingly to use viewers instead of leading them to better things.
Really? For example? What have been her developments since the Bells of St. John?
They give her new things to react to in every episode.
Watch a documentary. Some of us are here for the characters.
Watch a soap opera
And the show didn't get dumbed down. It certainly wasn't any dumber than it was before.
Series 4 was very sloppily made and mostly from meaningless tics at that.
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