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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

i admit I am glad they are doing these 'taster' releases.

I recently finally completed my Trek season sets on DVD, and I don't really want to buy them all over again on Blu-Ray, HOWEVER I totally recognise the upgraded picture quality by taking from the film negatives as opposed to the videotape copies.

i do have all the movies on Blu-Ray, so in a way these 2parters as 1 can sit quite nicely with them. I haven't got 'The Next Level' yet but may get it with BOBW which sits nicely as a BD as First Contact is technically it's sequel and Redemption ties into the ST6 Klingon arc.

I'm trying to view them as movies as opposed to double-length episodes basically!

I hope we get Unification too for Season 5, with Chain of Command and All Good Things following. Maybe Gambit?

What does everyone think of Deep Space Nine & Voyager's chances of being HD'd? I love Emissary & Year of Hell and they could look amazing, and DS9 in particular showed a lot of amazing space battles.
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