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Re: Will you be able to resist boot legged copies of STID?

I won't. I have a moral issue with it, and I also don't care for the extreme low quality of handycam recordings.

The only movie I've ever seen outside of a theater prior to it being released on DVD was Taken, and that's because I didn't actually know it hadn't come out when a friend brought it over on DVD and my roommates threw it in the player. It was also a DVD-quality video and not a handycam recording, despite the fact that it wasn't even in theaters yet. I didn't find out until afterwards, so I went and saw it in theaters when it came out to sort of "clear my conscience," even though it wasn't really the kind of movie I would have seen that way. As a musician though, I take a hard line against piracy (even though I've never released material for sale, but that's my choice).
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