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Re: (Possible Spolier) Clip#3 'I Allow It': Kirk and Harrison.

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I still think it's all a lot of misdirection. Either that, or the Enterprise will find the Botany Bay and store it in the shuttle bay; but I wouldn't expect the survivors (including Khan) to be awakened at all in the film.

I just don't believe they would feature the same villain from TWoK.
Why not? Some of the biggest movie franchises in history have done it. How many times have seen The Joker or Lex Luthor reprized? Any of the baddies in Doctor Who for that matter.

I'm shocked people are so negative towards this since the last time Khan was actually on any screen was 31 years ago.
Less, if you count Dana Carvey as Khan on Saturday Night Live.
No sneeze guard on the salad bar!
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