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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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I doubt I'm alone in being thankful we don't have another annoying mother that hates The Doctor. Also, The Doctor shouldn't have a love story as it's a betrayal of the character.
Oh, I don't need another mother that hates the Doctor. They did that, and they did it well. Why do it again?

And why can't the Doctor fall in love? How did Susan come about... Oh... You don't believe in those... LOOM things, do you?

Besides, the Doctor falling in love, or at least having a more complicated relationship with a companion is more interesting that just paling around the universe again and again and again.

And, no, I'm not suggesting every companion had to fall in love with the Doctor, or vice versa.

The family drama formula was repetetive and a cynical attempt to grab the soap opera audience.
It wasn't cynical. It was about having a new approach to an old show. Something modern audience might be interested in. A modern audience outside of the small fanboy set.

This is a family show, aimed at a large audience.

I like that the show is centred more on exploration than basing itself in modern day London, one of the absolute dullest places in the universe. Clara has been given solid development in her episodes.
Really? For example? What have been her developments since the Bells of St. John?

She's only been in 5 episodes so far so she's not exactly Jaime Lannister level of complex, but as far as Doctor Who companions go there's nothing wrong with her. I don't want 2 episodes exploring her family life and boyfriend.
Again. You miss the point. It doesn't have to be about exploring her family life... It is about her. All she does is sort of twinkle and grin at the Doctor. She's like a female version of David Tennant,

I wanna explore the universe.
Watch a documentary. Some of us are here for the characters.

Do still wish she was Victorian though.
that would be nice, yes.

DalekJim wrote: View Post
Donna was pretty shit and an attempt to dumb the show down but Turn Left was a pretty good episode. Certainly one of RTD's better scripts (Compare it to the following story!). Tate gave a much superior performance to Piper in it.

This is where you lose credibility. After Rose and Martha, we get some one who isn't in love with the Doctor, who calls him on his shit, and actually grows and changes as a character.

And the show didn't get dumbed down. It certainly wasn't any dumber than it was before. And in some ways, I think it was better for having Donna, who in some ways was a more traditional companion.
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