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Re: Will you be able to resist boot legged copies of STID?

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The topic of bootlegging itself is not strictly off-limits, as long as no means/sources/procedures/conduits/etc. are identified or alluded to. However, by posting the thread in this forum and making it specifically about the question of whether or not to bootleg this movie, you've placed it in kind of a tricky area.

I'll leave this open for now, but the moment discussion begins to go beyond answering the question of "will you (or won't you) be able to resist" will be the moment this thread gets closed. I don't even want to see that "PM me" thing going on.
That's for the clarification. It just thought it was kind of a swtich that Iron Man wiould be avail even before a North American realease.

As an aside, anyone understand why movie studios are making major releases outside of North America as opposed to in the US first now as a marketing strategy?

Because this strategy will increase the boot legging of films here.
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