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Re: Will you be able to resist boot legged copies of STID?

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Will you be able to resist a boot legged copy of STID?
I'm not the least bit interested in obtaining bootleg copies of any movies, and STID will be no exception. I wouldn't have a clear idea in which "usual places" to go looking, anyway. Personally, I'm just fine with continuing not to know; speaking as moderator, I'm even more fine with none of those places being named or so much as hinted at here.

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It's against the board rules to discuss this. You've been here long enough to know that.
I honestly didn't know Dennis that even discussing the availability of boot legged copies was against board rules Isn't that akin to discussing whether or not pot is avail or not - despite the fact that smoking it in most states is illegal?

I'm not telling people where they can buy it - it's just a matter of life that these things exist.

But if so, a mod can close with my apologies.
The topic of bootlegging itself is not strictly off-limits, as long as no means/sources/procedures/conduits/etc. are identified or alluded to. However, by posting the thread in this forum and making it specifically about the question of whether or not to bootleg this movie, you've placed it in kind of a tricky area.

I'll leave this open for now, but the moment discussion begins to go beyond answering the question of "will you (or won't you) be able to resist" will be the moment this thread gets closed. I don't even want to see that "PM me" thing going on.
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