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Re: Voyager again, for the first time


I needed this after Threshold. Nice Silent of the Lambs feel to it. Though I think throughout I couldn't help but feel that Suder was manipulating Tuvok to the level that Lector does. Maybe it's just the calm or the way the part is played. It seems like Suder knows what he's doing letting Tuvok meld, and is trying to make it worse.

I really enjoyeed Tuvok's obsession and his inability to process humanity's (betazoid in this case) implusive violent tendencies before the meld too. His complete lack of understanding and that response could be said to be quite emotional. His losing it with Neelix was fantastic too. Shame it was on the holodeck.

Also, Tuvok has an office, I love these little shots of proper

What was that whole thing with Paris in the B-Story? After coming to a big realisation of himself post-Threshold he's gone off the deep end. Doesn't ring right, or it needed some better explanation. Hopefully that's coming.
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