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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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True, what a bizarre system they used to have, very civilised though.

I'll just pop off halfway through filming a for a week in Spain.
Well, the first season was a solid 52 week shoot, one episode a week, every week (apart from Easter and Christmas - so that made it 55 weeks with three weeks off. But actually 57 weeks, due to the two reshoots of abandoned episodes. Long time to go without a break).

Edit: pulled the reference book from the shelf, and the 1st season recording dates are:
An Unearthly Child take one: 27th September 1963.
An Unearthly Child take two through to Daleks part 5 (including two recordings of The Dead Planet): 18th October to 20th December 63.
3rd January to 23rd October 64: The Daleks pt6 through to Dalek Invasion of Earth part 6, no weeks off at all - not even for Easter! Then there was a luxurious five week gap before production restarted with The Rescue in December 64...
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