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Re: Were there any people having open relationships in Trek?

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Kind of a oxymoron really. If you have a "open relationship" you don't actual have a relationship.

I can't right off hand think of anyone in any of the series engaging is such a pretense.

I have to disagree that an open relationship isn't a relationship. It's quite possible to be committed primarily to one or more people (not all relationships involve only two people) but have an arrangement whereby you're allowed to be intimate with others as long as it remains secondary to the existing relationship. Sometimes this may mean the other parties have to consent to one's choice of external partner, other times it may mean an external partner may only be brought in when everyone in the existing relationship is present (or chooses not to be).

In any case, I really don't care what the parameters of others' relationships are as long as nobody's being harmed.
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