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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

Had to rate it "Good" myself, the string of "Great" comes to an end. Mostly because I just didn't care about the salvage crew; found them poorly acted and just pretty uninteresting, I wish we'd spent even more time with scenes like the Doctor and Clara "outside." However, loved the various TARDIS scenes, what little we saw of its infinity. The zombies were... hard to buy into their "creation" but on the other hand the fact of them as the future spilling back in the past was a great reveal and they were certainly disturbing enough. The reset button didn't terribly bother me since the Doctor obviously remembers and I'm certain we'll get a reveal that Clara remembers some of it (like the brothers, but stronger).

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I like that she doesn't listen and I like her suspicion of the Doctor. And I like his fatherly affection toward her.
Actually, of all the "primary companions" I think she's been the one who listens best to the Doctor so far, at least in terms of staying put and not wandering off anyway. And I have a totally different reading of their affection for one another, but that may just be my shipper's heart.

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Also, The Doctor shouldn't have a love story as it's a betrayal of the character.
What nonsense.

I for one hope they go all-in on a romance between Eleven and Clara at some point.
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