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Re: Da Vinci's Demons is Complex.

OK, so I watched the first episode of Da Vinci's Demons. Not bad, but hugely derivative. Basically, imagine BBC Wales does Assassin's Creed 2 (really, the CG Florence is totally AC2...), with fast-talking pretty boys and girls to pick up Merlin's audience, and gratuitous nudity and swears to try to catch the Game Of Thrones audience. That said, it's fucking better than Merlin, by a long way, so actually I didn't mind it. Whether the screaming anachronisms will put me off it later remains to be seen, especially as opposed to AC2 which so impressed me that I had to go and get some proper history books about the Pazzi Plot and the Medicis - whereas this show isn't making me want to learn more about Leonardo...
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