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Re: The State of Star Trek Literature 2013

I feel it's worth pointing out once more that it's been the standard pattern for several years now to split the publishing year into blocks of 23rd-century stuff and 24th-century stuff. In 2010, the first half of the year was heavy on TOS, the middle part was going to feature the Abramsverse novels until those were cancelled, and the last third was Typhon Pact. In 2011, the first half was all 24th-century and ENT, and the latter half was mostly TOS and Vanguard. And in 2012, the first third or so of the year continued to feature TOS/VAN, while the rest was 24th-century. In fact, there was a span of 9 months, from July 2011 to March 2012, without any 24th-century Prime-universe fiction at all -- followed in April '12 by DTI: Forgotten History, which was mostly 23rd-century, so it's more like 10 months.

So the pattern of alternating between big chunks of 23rd-century (and miscellaneous) books and big chunks of 24th-century books (usually organized under umbrella "event" titles) is well into its fourth year now. It's apparently just the way things are done these days.
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