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Paris + B'Elanna scene, absolute cop-out

There's this extremely annoying scene where both the characters scramble about in some underground passage, B'Elanna has been affected by Vorik's mating drive since they were partially linked, and she's practically begging Paris on her knees to have it off with her. He refuses.

What please is the reasoning for this other than a plain cop-out on part of the writers? Letting her enter a possibly-fatal combat with Vorik where either or both of them might get seriously injured in order to resolve the dilemma is fine, but not letting two people enjoy themselves?
O.k. I can understand a man of honour refusing a woman in this state if he knows that he's the last person on earth she'd ever consider when she's normal. But in this case all her disinhibition does is bring her real feelings to the surface.
So basically, here's this woman you fancy like anything, and she's forced to admit she has the same feelings for you, and she's throwing herself at you and unless you comply she might die. And you don't??
I got insanely frustrated just watching this. Have at already, the pair of you!!
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